I am a software developer. That means I really like to code.

But that’s not all. Indeed I am also interested in the systems that actually run other people’s code. Most of the time that’s actually code which is running code, right? Well it’s what I like: being part of the operational side of software engineering.

As a professional I love to embrace good practices to make the development process as smooth and confortable as possible for humans and teams. That is usually done by listening a lot and sharing my experiences with others.

My secret dream, not so secret, is to have more bikes in our cities. So I commute by bike as much as I can.

Climbing is undoubtedly my favourite sport. Probably because it is not only a sport but also a hobbie, a state of mind, a way to get adventurous, a way to share good time with people. It is a great way to get away from the keyboard.